Why Did the Pre-Actions/ Goals Disappear for my Student?

Murray Gray in Students

Jan 12, 2023 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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By Default, Actions (including Pre-Actions and Goals) will disappear after your student checks them off.

So, if a student’s dashboard is showing no pre-actions… it’s probably because they did them and checked them off!

If you DON'T want them to disappear after the student checks them off, you can now customize this when you create the Action.

When customizing the Action, scroll down to this field here.....

Select "Keep Visible to Student in Checked Off State"

Your Action will now remain visible, even after the student checks it off

How to Know What's Been Checked Off

If your Actions are set to be hidden after being checked off, students can still see everything they've completed.

Your student can access all completed actions in their Account page, under the "My Points" tab. Everything they've done in the course will be listed there, along with the points they earned. They can access their "Points" tab under their Profile.

If your student checks something off accidentally and wants to re-set a Goal or Pre-Action, they can do that by going to their Profile and clicking on "Points"

Click on the dropdown arrow to open up the Action, and check "Uncomplete" to remove the points and uncomplete the Action.

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