Using the Xperiencify Order Form

Murray Gray in Selling

Dec 08, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

Setting Up the Xperiencify Order Form

We provide an automatically-generated order form for each course you create so you can easily start selling your Course.

In fact, setup is so easy you should be able to get up and selling within 5 minutes! Here's how to get started:

  • First, make sure you have a Stripe account set up
  • Grab your Stripe API keys and copy them both (public and private) to your Profile page
  • Edit the Course you wish to create an order form for
  • Open the Step 2: Set Course Payment Options section and enter a price for your Course. (You'll need to provide at least a "Single Payment" price. If you wish to offer a payment plan, add it to the Installment Plans section)
  • Your order form is now ready. You can find the link to your order form in Step 6 of your Course Builder. This is a public link that you can link to from your sales page, and use in email or social media.

Customizing the Order Form

When you click on the Preview Order Form link in the image above, we'll take you to a special customizable version of your order form that's only available to as a logged in admin for your account.

Here's how to customize your order form.

Using the Order Form

To use the order form, simply use the provided link from Step 6 of your Xperiencify account. It will have the following format:

This is a public link that you can link to from your sales page, and share with people over email or social media.

After the Purchase

Two things will happen after a successful purchase.

  • First, your new customer will be automatically redirected through to the Course Home Page.
  • Second, we'll also automatically send a purchase confirmation to your new Student containing their login details. Important: make sure to turn on the Welcome Email!

The default email format is super simple -- here's how to customize it.