Intro to Managing Students

Murray Gray in Students

Nov 18, 2022 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

Table of Contents

We have created a central management area where you can search, filter and manage your students.

To access it, simply click on Students in the left navigation of your Xperiencify dashboard:

This should take you to the student management panel -- which is going to look a little like this:

Filtering & Searching Students

On this page, you can search and filter students according to:

  • Name & email address
  • Activity period
  • Enrolled course
  • XPs earned (range)
  • XXPs earned (range)
  • Points Percentage completed
  • Emails status
  • Tags (Available on Growth Plan or higher)
  • Badges (Available on Growth Plan or higher)
  • Custom Fields (Available on Growth Plan or higher)
Read more about filtering and searching students.

Bulk Operations

On the Growth Plan or higher, you can also select students in bulk, to export details into a CSV or delete them.

Add & Remove Students from Courses

You can add a new student to the system while placing them into a specific course. This can automatically generate and send a welcome email to them.

Update Student Details & Enrollments

You can click on any student to edit their personal details, change their password, or remove them completely from a course.

Here's how to help them log in to their student membership site if they're having problems.