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Murray Gray in Course Content

Nov 07, 2023 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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When your student purchases your course, their immediately taken straight to their Dashboard, or the “Course Home Page."

This is where they’ll see their Mission Statement and Goals, your Welcome Video, and their pre-actions. It’ll also show the next, upcoming handful of trainings they should complete based on their last activity.

Showing these upcoming trainings makes things simple and easy to navigate for your student, and keeps them focused on moving forward!

By default, the Homepage will show the next three upcoming trainings.

How Many Trainings to Show?

We recommend not having too many trainings here… you don’t want to overload your students. In our experience, 2-3 upcoming trainings is a good number to keep them engaged and interested in what’s coming next.

However, we recognize you may want to change this!

Customize the “Next Up” Training Section

To customize the number of upcoming trainings that show on the home page, go to Step 4 “Customize Your Course Pages”.

Hover over the Trainings section, and you’ll see an Edit button pop up.

Click on that and you’ll see the option to choose the number of “Next Up” Trainings to show.

You can also choose whether to show or hide XXP trainings.

Customize the Coming Soon Training Section

Hover over the “Coming Soon” section, and you’ll see an Edit button pop up.

Click on that button and choose the number of trainings you’d like to show.

You can also choose to show this panel “Always,” “Never,” or “Only when there’s no more available trainings."

Your students will now see the upcoming number of trainings of your choice.