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Certificates of Completion

Murray Gray in Gamification & Experiencification

Mar 10, 2024 - 1 min read. .

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First, a quick caveat!

This is the FIRST beta version of our Certificates generator product intended to gather feedback about whether people like it, and how they use it. And because of that, the setup takes a few steps, but they're relatively easy if you follow the steps I'll show you in my video.

Once we have your feedback on what's good and what's not, we'll add more to the feature, but we just wanted to get a rough concept into your hands ASAP.

What certificates are available to use?

You can review the 20 styles we currently have available at the link below:

Certificate Gallery

Issuing a certificate


  • Edit the course you want to add a certificate to
  • Scroll down to "Step 5 - Secret Sauce"
  • Scroll down to the Experience Engine
  • Click the Choose This! button
  • The Completion Certificate Experience will get added to your account like this:
  • From there you can edit the values in the Webhook. Here's an image showing which values to update in the webhook, and which to leave alone!
  • Finally, you can edit the email that goes out to your student by clicking here:

A few important things in mind before you get started:

  • This is a V1 "beta" feature, so we NEED your feedback on what's great, what's not so great and how you'd suggest improving things
  • You can see our first 20 certificates right here. We'll be adding more Certificates over time, and eventually there will be an option for you to upload your own
  • And finally, since this is a first version, it's not yet possible to move or drag the text around on the Certificate, or change font sizes, etc. That said, we've tried super hard to make them super useful to most people right out of the box, but we recognize that some folks have different needs. If that's you, and you'd like to use your OWN certificate, see below for more on that)

Hope you love our new Certificates feature!

In case you overwrite it, the correct hyperlink to use in your email to link directly to the student's personalized Completion Certificate is:{Course ID}/{Magic ID}.pdf

Using your own custom certificate

If you'd like to use your OWN custom-designed certificate then we can help set that up for you.

Here's how it works:

  • You're responsible for the design of the certificate – we don't provide design services
  • We need a high resolution version of the certificate file; at least 3000px on the longest side. (Figma format is preferred if possible)
  • We'll charge our standard rate of $50/hr for setup of the certificate in our system. Most certificates can be set up in an 1 hour. Some more complicated ones could take longer

To get started, simply drop us an email at [email protected] – and be sure to attach your certificate image assets.

How to create certificates in non-English languages

Not all fonts have character sets for all languages, and your certificate can look like this if that happens:

In these cases, here's what to do:

  • Visit Google Fonts and find a font that supports your language. (For example, "Roboto" supports Thai font). Here's how you do that:
  • Add the font name as a new field in the webhook like this:

Your certificate should now output correctly!

How to Test Your Certificate

When you test your certificate before launching your course, you’ll need to actually run the automation that generates the certificate, in Step 5.

In other words, it WON'T work to just click "Send Test Email" here...

(This will send the email, but it won’t actually generate the unique certificate for the student).

To generate the certificate, you'll need to actually trigger the automation.

To avoid having to check off every single action as a test student, here’s how you can create a test automation...

  • First, create a test tag.
  • Set up the Custom Certificate Experience, following the steps described above.
  • Now, go into Step 5 of your course and click "Change Starting Trigger" to edit the automation.
  • Change the Starting Trigger from “Course Completed” to “Tag Added”
  • Select your Test Tag as the trigger that will start the automation.
  • Now, manually add the test tag to your student, in your Students section of your account
  • This will trigger the automation, generate a course completion certificate and automatically email it to your test student.