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Xperiencify's Product Roadmap

Murray Gray in Getting Started

Jul 18, 2023 - 1 min read. .

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Welcome to our product roadmap where you can see what we have planned for the coming 12 months!

For a rundown of what we've deployed lately over and above what we have listed below (there's a LOT), check out our release notes!

Q3, 2023

• V1.0 of mobile app (iPhone & Android)

• Full translations system, with a 1-click translate-to-other-languages feature

• Direct messaging inside the Community forum

• Stats & reporting dashboard

• Leaderboard & micro-leaderboards

• Popup chatrooms

• Livestream directly into XP Community & Facebook (replaces Zoom or Facebook Live)

Q4, 2023

• Mobile editing mode in Page Builder

• Points redemption engine & store

• Course marketplace (think Udemy, Masterclass)

• Graphical Experience Engine builder

• V2 Course completion certificates

Q1, 2024

• V2.0 of mobile app (iPhone & Android)