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How to Edit the Course Image on Your Marketplace

Murray Gray in Course Content

Dec 10, 2021 - 1 min read. .

What is the Marketplace?

Your Marketplace is the central location where all your available courses are shown.

You can customize the look and layout of your Marketplace to match your brand.

You can even customize which courses are shown to potential students!

For full details of how to set up your Marketplace, see here

How to Edit Your Course Image on the Marketplace

Your Course listing on your Marketplace will automatically use the image you've entered in Step 1

You can change this image by either changing the image in Step 1, or editing your Marketplace.

To edit your Marketplace, open up Step 4 and click the green button go to Page Builder

From the left hand column, select the Marketplace page

Edit the block

Inside the data menu, choose the dropdown menu for the specific course

Click "Remove" and then "Browse" to add your image

You can upload an image, OR we're linked directly to Unsplash so you can search thousands of free images and add with a single click!