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Customizing Your Marketplace

Murray Gray in Course Content

Dec 10, 2021 - 1 min read. .

How to Customize Your Marketplace

Your Marketplace is the central location where all your available courses are shown.

You can customize the look and layout of your Marketplace to match your brand.

You can even customize which courses are shown to potential students!

Setting Up Your Marketplace

In Step 4 of your Course Builder, find the left hand sidebar with your available pages. Scroll down to "Global Pages" and open up "Marketplace"

Find the Marketplace "Blocks". (Make sure to scroll down to see them all!) Click on the layout of your choice, and drag it to the right to drop it onto your page.

Click on the "Edit" button

Click on the "Data" dropdown menu, to open it up

Select the courses that you want to display in this Block

You can adjust the padding above and below the block, and the background color:

In order to choose which potential students see any course that you display, you can adjust the visiblity of any Block on your Marketplace page... here's how to set that up

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