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Tips for Running a Challenge in XP

Murray Gray in Getting Started

Oct 28, 2022 - 5 min read. Available on all plans.

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Running a Challenge can be a great way to grow your audience and connect with your potential clients and students. At XP, we make it easy to set up a Challenge that’s effective and engaging for your clients!

Here are some helpful tips to consider in making your challenge smooth, effective, and fun.


Challenges move fast! It’s a good idea to set up each day’s emails in advance so you’re super prepared.

You can use Xperiencify’s built in automations for your emails, including our Playbooks of professionally pre-written messages.

Make it Easy!

Keeping it simple is key for your students and clients. The goal is to keep them engaged, excited, and moving forward... rather than being overloaded with content or detoured by glitches or hangups while moving through the challenge.

For this reason, you'll help yourself by setting things up in advance and making sure everything’s working correctly.

One thing we do at XP that’s different is provide your students with their unique magic link to log straight into the course.

Bypassing login pages means less opportunity for your student to get bogged down and not follow through, and more engagement and completion for your students!

Because this is so important, we recommend including the students’ magic link in each daily email (you can set this up in Step 5 of your Course Builder… Add the Secret Sauce).

This will let your students jump straight to the day’s material from their email, "magically" increasing your participation rate.

Countdown timer

Make sure to utilize XP’s countdown timer to increase the urgency and motivation! Creating that burst of action is what’ll get your students across the finish line, and XP’s countdowns are a perfect way to let them feel that sense of urgency to continue and complete the challenge.

Points and Prizes!!

Now we get to the fun stuff… keeping students motivated, delighted and surprised as they go through your course.

Using XP’s points system is a fantastic way to inspire quick action, build excitement, and tap into a bit of healthy competition, if you choose!

You can filter students based on points achieved if you want to give prizes or rewards.

You can also set up tags to segment students into various groups and award prizes. For example, if a student completes a certain amount of points you can set things up to automatically add them to a course.

And check out our library of animated full-screen Celebrations to build in extra rewards and surprises!

Customize Visibility

Want to have a new block of content automatically appear, when a student gets to a certain point in the challenge? No problem!

With our Customize Visibility feature, you can set up blocks of content to only be shown to specific students or at specific times.

For example, on Day 3 of the Challenge you might have an invitation appear to join your paid program.

Or, when they've earned a certain number of points or completed a particular Training, you could have surprise content appear.

You can set all this up using Tags and Custom Visibility (These are Growth Plan level features).

Completing the Challenge: Remove Students, or Upgrade them to the Next Course!

Want to do a VIP upgrade, or remove people at the end of the challenge?

(Giving a limited time for completion can be a great motivator for getting your students to take action!)

You can use our tagging system to remove someone at the end of a challenge.

You can also add them to another course when they successfully complete the challenge.

For example, here’s what it would look like to add a student to another course when they successfully complete the challenge:

First, set up a tag for “finished course.”

Next, create an automation in Step 5 to add the tag to the student once they’ve completed the challenge.

Finally, create a second automation in Step 5…. when the tag is added to a student, they’re automatically added to another course.

Customer Service

Because of the fast-moving nature of a Challenge, you’ll help yourself greatly by anticipating potential questions and issues, and planning to be available to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

It’s a smart idea to test things in advance to make sure everything functions just as you intended.

And, you don’t want to leave the testing to the last minute… give yourself time and space to prepare for your Challenge.

That’ll let you be free to enjoy the process and celebrate your students wins and victories with them!

Need help?

Of course, if you do run into any questions with XP’s features, your Support Team is here for you.

Just drop us a message in the chat widget in the lower right hand corner of your account (or on any page of the help center) and we’ll help you out!