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Murray Gray in Experiencification

Dec 07, 2020 - 3 min read. Available on Growth Plan or higher.

The Comments System & How to Turn It On

If you're not keen to use Facebook for your community communication, then check out our threaded commenting system!

To turn it on, just head over to the ON.

Once it's on, then the commenting system will be available under each training in every course you have.

How to Turn On or Off Commenting for Each Individual Course

To turn the comments on or off for a course, open up your course and scroll all the way down past Steps 1-6 to “Course Settings”. Click the arrow on the right to open it up.

Open up the “General Course Setup Thingies” Section.

Toggle the button to “on” (green) or “off” (grey) to enable or disable commenting for that particular course.

NOTE: Your trainings need to be Live for the commenting feature to show. While the trainings are in Draft Mode, you won't see the commenting system. Once the trainings are released, the commenting feature will appear.

Replying to Comments

As a course creator, you probably want to be aware of the comments being left on your training material, and even respond to them, without being required to page through every piece of content in your course.

To help you, we've created a page called Inbox in your XP account that will show you every top level comment, and allow you to respond to them all very quickly.

Whenever you receive a new comment, it will be shown at the top of the list here.

And if you have a 2-way SMS number from us (available at just $99/year), then all text message replies will also be shown here in the Inbox as well.

Get your 2-way SMS number here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSczx5Psw44WmgifeS-tgQ36lQ3Rtqcbr0jDXGcJ7ZHoyNyzBA/viewform

Managing Comments

It can happen... from time to time, you may need to delete a comment made made by a student. (Or, you may simply want to clear all the comments before launching a new round of your course).

You also may want to keep track of which comments you've already read and replied to, by removing them from your inbox.

You have three options to manage comments:

  • Archive: This will remove a comment from your inbox, but the comment will remain in the course and still be visible to students.
  • Hide: This will remove a comment from the course, but the comment will remain in your inbox.
  • Delete: This will remove the comment from the course and remove it from your inbox.

Email Notification

You'll now receive an email notification (to your main account email address) when there are new comments. You'll also receive an email notification when you have a text response. (You'll need to rent that 2-way SMS number in order to receive responses to SMS messages).

Students will also receive an email notification when someone replies to their comment.


  • Zapier and API endpoints for comments as they're made

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