Using Add to Course action

Murray Gray in Experiencification

Dec 09, 2020 - 1 min read. Available on Growth plan or higher.

Using the Experience Engine, you can now make automatically grant access to any other of your courses.

Examples for how to use it:

  • Bundle multiple products or courses together in the sales process and automatically release them when the "main" course is puchased
  • Bonus (or surprise) content releases when students reach milesones, hit goals or earn points (eg: "Only those students who *really* take action will get XYZ bonus!")
  • Use it in memberships to release new mini-courses or challenge content on a time-delay OR only after they complete specific trainings OR earn a certain amount of XPs (rather than putting all your content in one massive course)
  • Release a "teaser" version of the next course once students complete the previous one
  • Or automatically give free access to another course at any moment, for any reason you want

The only limit to what you can do is your own imagination!

To use it:

  • Edit any Experience inside of the Experience Engine and click the Add to Course icon
  • Select the course you wish to give access to
  • Choose whether to send the "welcome" sequence or not

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