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Adding multiple videos to a single training

Murray Gray in Course Content

Dec 07, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

In short, we don't make this possible simply becuase we don't recommend you do this.

The whole point of using Xperiencify is creating the kind of experience that your student will love, instead one that will overwhelm them with massive amounts of content.

When you put too much content on one page (no matter the length), it actually creates a powerful, demotivating perception for students of a "wall of content".

And this can be incredibly overwhelming for students, makes them emotionally disengage from your course, and we've seen that when that happens, it's almost impossible to get them back.

Here's the "perfect" training page that we recommend and faciliate for you on XP, that's been distilled down from over 10 years of research into what's the most effective for getting students into action, and KEEPING them in action:

  • One single video, followed by resources (and notes if needed), along with training actions at the bottom that award XPs and play sound effects.
  • The idea cadence is 10-15 per video training, and give the student a "win", before moving on to the next. (Read more in-depth on the science behind Constant Wins, and how it keep students motivated.)