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Day 3 - The Topic that's Perfect for Your Niche

Murray Gray in Getting Started

Dec 08, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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You now should have chosen your approach and decided on your mega-niche. That means you’re officially at the midpoint of the Profitable Product Idea Challenge!

(IMPORTANT: If you haven't chosen your approach yet, then go back and do it now! Or if you haven't chosen your mega-niche yet, go to Day 2 and do that now.)

By the end of today’s training you're going to be one step closer to your HOME RUN online course idea.

Today I'm going to lead you through the process of identifying your profitable micro-niche or the specific topic within the mega-niche you choose yesterday

I'll show you the mistakes to avoid and the 2 essential criteria that your course or program needs to have to be successful. Tak

e 20 minutes right now to watch this training and do the exercise...

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Today's action item:

Identify your micro-niche or the specific topic within your mega-niche that you want to create an online course around, then write a simple micro-niche statement using this sentence starter:

My course teaches people how to _________.

Start with the overall product creation approach you picked on Day 1, and the mega-niche you chose in Day 2, and the brainstorm as many micro-niche ideas as you can that fall into that approach and that mega-niche.

Remember: be specific about the problem you solve or the outcome you deliver or even both. And also remember to address a specific and acknowledged need in your micro-niche statement. Something people would be willing to pay for.

Post what you come up with into the Facebook Group!

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