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Day 2 - Perfect Niche, Serious Profits

Murray Gray in Getting Started

Dec 08, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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Now that you've chosen one of my 4 proven approaches in yesterday's video, you’re officially in the ballpark of your home run online course idea. Now it’s time to get you on to first base!

(IMPORTANT: If you haven't chosen your approach yet, then go back and do it now!)

Day 2 of the Profitable Product Idea Challenge is where you get to choose the right "mega-niche" for you out of our list of 20!

These are the top 20 most profitable niches for online courses today and all you need to be wildly successful is choose one.

Today's training and exercise will take you less than 20-minutes so watch the video now and get your hands on this never-before-released list!

Download today's worksheet

Today's action item:

Which of the 20 mega-niches is right for your Profitable Product Idea?

As they say, "The riches are in the niches." And all you need to do today is pick one! Picking one today will set you up perfectly for tomorrow's session on choosing your Profitable Product Topic!

Post what you choose into the Facebook Group!

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