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Xperiencify VS Clickfunnels

Murray Gray in Getting Started

Dec 08, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

The short answer is that both tools do very different things!

If you want a funnel builder, Clickfunnels is a good choice as Xperiencify doesn't do this.

(You CAN create sales and landing pages in XP! But you'll need your full CRM to send the marketing emails, as we don't send marketing emails directly from XP)

However, if you're serious about building the kind of online course experience that students will love, take action with and get results from, then Xperiencify is a great choice.

But wait a second, can't Clickfunnels do Membership Sites too?

Technically, yes, it can secure content, but that's about it. And this belies a limitation that you'll find with most all-in-one platforms.

Because they're trying to do it all, they end up spreading themselves too thin and end up with buggy, and basic implementations of most of their non-core features.

Even worse, they haven't put any thought or effort into creating the kind of experience that will actually excite a student, and make them want to take action. In fact, you're 10-30 times more likely to get a refund when you host your membership site with Clickfunnels than with us, thanks to features like: points, sound effects, animated celebrations, gamification, student rescue, adaptive content release, leaderboards, Facebook integration and much much more.

Most people think that the most important job your membership site platform has is to allow your students to consume your content.

And that's true to a certain extent.

But what if I told you that just 3% of people ever complete or get results from typical information products?

This can be disastrous to your repuation, your profitability and even your long term survival prospects.

Most course creators have no idea about this, or if they do, have no idea how to stop it.

The fact is that choosing the wrong course platform can really make a big difference in how successful your course is, how successful your students are, whether they get the results you promise them, and ultimately, whether they ever purchase something else from you.

That's why we're a great choice -- we not only save you money, we make you money.