Integrating with Mailchimp

Murray Gray in Integrations

Jun 17, 2024 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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How does Xperiencify integrate with Mailchimp?

Mailchimp hosts your business email list, and provides the functionality to send marketing emails to your entire mailing list. Whether that's a handful of people, or hundreds of thousands.

Xperiencify on the other hand will host your "experiencified" & gamified course, including the full-screen celebrations, the XP points, the sound effects, the leaderboards, community and more.

Xperiencify will ALSO take care of emailing your students as part of your course. We'll notify them either by email or SMS whenever you wish -- for example, when new content is released, when something important happens in the platform, or in situations where they haven't logged in in a while.

If you have a larger email list however, you will need to host it and send broadcasts in a tool such as Mailchimp, because we don't allow the sending of marketing or broadcast emails to subscribers who are not your customers or students.

Reasons You Might Want to Send Data to Mailchimp

If you're using the Xperiencify built-in order form then you would use the Zapier plugin to add the new student information to your main mailing list when you have a new sale

However, if you're not using our order form and instead, processing your sales from outside our platform, then you would connect Mailchimp to that platform in order to add the new customer to your mailing list.

Do you need Mailchimp?

If you don't yet have a business email marketing list, then the odds are high that you don't need an email list management tool like Mailchimp.

If you're just getting started in business, or at the beginning stages, we highly recommend managing email from your personal business account at least to start with.

Personally-sent emails get a MUCH higher deliverability into inboxes and also a much higher response rate from recipients, which is hugely important to make those first sales!