Exporting Students

Murray Gray in Students

Feb 19, 2024 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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You can export your student data in 2 ways -- with a CSV file, or by posting data to a webhook.

CSV files are the universal data storage file, readable in applications such as Google Sheets and Excel, and importable into any kind of databases.

The webhook option can send your student data to any cloud-hosted API that's set up to accept a JSON webhook.

Fields that you'll receive when you export

  • Student ID
  • Student first name
  • Student last name
  • Student email address
  • Student's last login date
  • Student join date
  • Student phone
  • All courses they have access to
  • Total XPs for all courses
  • Total XXPs for all courses
  • Total XP and XXP points for each individual course
  • The date they were added to each individual course
  • The coupon they used to purchase each course (if any)
  • The Affiliate who referred them to each course (if any)
  • Plus any custom field values you've created in your account

Exporting student data into a CSV file

  • From inside your XP account, click over to your Students page
  • If you want to filter before exporting, then use the filtering options to select the students for your export
  • Once you have the correct students, click the Select All button to select one page of results
  • Next, if there are more than 10 results in your filter, click the Select All X link. This will select all records in your filter.
  • Once all records have been selected, open the Batch Select droplist, click Export CSV and then click the Apply button

Exporting student data to a webhook

  • Repeat the same steps as above, but choose the Post to Webhook option from the droplist before clicking Apply
  • Enter your Webhook URL into the Name Webhook URL field, plus you can preview that formatting of the data that we're about to send to your webhook in the section below.