Change Student Course Start Date (to Unlock all Content in Advance)

Murray Gray in Students

Dec 07, 2020 - 1 min read. Available on all plans.

You can adjust the start date of any student in any course in Xperiencify.

This is particularly useful if you wish to release all trainings to one specific student -- skipping the scheduled content drop that usually occurs over time.

To change the start date:

  • Go to your Students page
  • Search for the student you wish to update
  • Click on the student name to go into their record
  • Open the Courses section, and locate the course for which you'd like to change start date
  • Click on the ... menu and choose Change Start Date
  • Choose your new start date

Note: For time-based content release, the time of day that you add a student is considered their start time for joining the course.