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Customizing XP bar

Murray Gray in Course Content

Dec 08, 2020 - 1 min read. Available on all plans.

To Customize the XP Bar

Here's an example of what your XP bar might look like to your students. Every time your student checks off an action under a training, this bar will popup with a sound effect, and show them how many points they've earned.

To customize the text on this bar:

  • From the Courses page, click on the Course you wish to customize
  • Click on Step 4: Customize Your Course Pages
  • You'll see a collection of pages available for you to edit/customize or simple preview. Click on Course Home Page
  • Click on the ^ icon at the very bottom of the page and click it to bring up the XP bar
  • Hover your mouse over the XP bar and click the Edit (cog) icon that appears

IMPORTANT: Changes made to the XP bar on any page will mirror across your entire membership for the current course only. In other words you only have to make this customization once.

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