Customizing the Order Form

Murray Gray in Selling

Dec 07, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

Customizing the Xperiencify Order Form

We make it super simple to customize the Xperiencify Order Form -- to change text, images and some default options.

  • Go to Step 4: Customize Your Course Pages and click on the Order Form
  • This will open the order form in an "editable" mode
  • Hover over each element of the page to see the customization options. Some pieces of text you can click-to-edit immediately, some images you can replace with a new image upload, and some more complex pieces (like the entire right panel) you can click and edit in a modal popup:
  • To customize the purchase Terms & Conditions link, first make sure that it's enabled here:
  • Once you've checked that, then the T&C checkbox will be available to customize by clicking here:

  • To add JS code or Facebook purchase to your order form or drop it on successful purchase state, add your code into these fields:
  • Remember, to adjust pricing, installment plans or coupon codes, you do that inside Step 2: Set Course Payment Options -- here's how.
  • You can now add a unique logo or image for every course's order form. This can be helpful if you have courses that are marketed towards different audiences. Here's how to do it

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