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Customizing Replay Section

Murray Gray in Course Content

Dec 07, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

You can now customize your replay section!

How to choose which students have access to your replays

If you’re running a course which contains live coaching calls, you may want to restrict the availability of the call replays to students who are currently in the course.

You can choose to show the content to:

  • Everyone
  • Only existing students

If you choose “only existing students," then future students who join the course won’t see the replays... only students who are already enrolled at the time you post the replay will have access to it.

You’ll select this in Step 3 of your Course Builder, when you add your Replay content. Choose “Edit Replay” and scroll down to “Replay Availability”

How to set Categories for your Replays

In addition, you can choose to set Categories for your replays.

To do this, first you'll set your Categories by heading to your Account section and clicking "Advanced". You'll see the option to create "Replay Category Settings"

Once you've set your Categories here, then you'll be able to select a Category for your Replay when you upload it to your course.

When you upload your replay, you'll choose a Category here...